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How to Get to Where You Want to Be (and how that place will change as you go)

So I get lots of questions about how I got "here". How did I become a freelance photographer, graphic designer, and writer? How did I get into ultrarunning, and have I always been a runner? (mm, nope). How did I gain the technical experience and skills to do these epic trips in the mountains? And: how did I become an "influencer" (whatever that is), and how the hell am I able to do so much travelling and adventuring?? The answers to all of those things are all intrinsically related, and I thought I'd start by giving you an overview of how I got here. From there, get excited: I'm going to start breaking things down further in a new series of blog posts (and videos, coming soon!!)...because if there's anything I've learned along my journey, it's a whole lot of what NOT to do. And if I can save you from making some of those same mistakes, then yay! You win, and I’m happy!

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Am I still an Ultra runner if I’m not Ultra racing? 

Races make excellent goalposts. They can provide training incentive, help us push farther than we otherwise would have, and provide progress markers. However, they do not define us as runners or what we are capable of, and they are but one piece of the puzzle.

When I was injured, I began questioning whether I could actually still call myself an ultra runner - I mean, if I wasn’t ultra racing, what would I tell people I was working towards? It seemed so underwhelming to simply talk about being a trail runner, without having some sort of epic goal on the horizon. And then I realized how ridiculous that was. 

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