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How to Get to Where You Want to Be (and how that place will change as you go)

So I get lots of questions about how I got "here". How did I become a freelance photographer, graphic designer, and writer? How did I get into ultrarunning, and have I always been a runner? (mm, nope). How did I gain the technical experience and skills to do these epic trips in the mountains? And: how did I become an "influencer" (whatever that is), and how the hell am I able to do so much travelling and adventuring?? The answers to all of those things are all intrinsically related, and I thought I'd start by giving you an overview of how I got here. From there, get excited: I'm going to start breaking things down further in a new series of blog posts (and videos, coming soon!!)...because if there's anything I've learned along my journey, it's a whole lot of what NOT to do. And if I can save you from making some of those same mistakes, then yay! You win, and I’m happy!

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